Any predictions / thoughts for the incoming Zed / Jhin comic

I would like to see everything from Zed's point of view. The traps he needs to dodge the chase etc. And then I would like to see the part four of Jhin's story being him going to Zaun doing what he needs to do and realizing that Zed is after him.. I think we should get the Jhin in Piltover mission and Camille after him before the comic. Even tho nothing will happen to Jhin and Zed but it would be spoilery and kinda meh to experience the comic knowing that Jhin will be completely fine after Zed meets him again. And about the skins I think Jhin is going to some place where he needs to blend in so he changes his outfit. And since Zed is after him he probably would do the same I guess ¿ What do you think when will this happen ¿ Right after part three of Jhin's story or months later maybe years ¿
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