Magic in Runeterra- expectations and theories

Hi everyone! I'm Caithresh, part-time lore-nerd and fervent Syndra main. I'm here today to talk about magic in Runeterra, what I expect from it, and some theories. ____________________________________________ Now, let's put some context... In [this thread](, the wonderful Ariel Lawrence, aka Thermal Kitten, gave us a recap of 2018 lore, and some insight on what's to come for 2019. In this thread, you can note that: > No, we haven’t forgotten about them. In fact, we’ve been thinking a lot about them, and how magic works in Runeterra, as we prepare for 2019 (hint, hint). I'm taking that as a promise for some revelation about magic in Runeterra. The only real explanation we had on magic was in [From the Ashes]( > It is the same with magic. You want it, believing it can be owned. You cling to it, forgetting that you are merely a channel through which it passes. You choke it in your heart, and in your hands. And so the magic is strangled in your grip, because you see it as something to bind to your will. It is not, and never will be. It is like air. You must draw in what exists around you, use it for a moment, then let it free. However, this is Ryze's way of doing it, his own point of view about his own magic. Thanks to Scathelocke, who's the one that inspired me to write that thread, we can safely assume that Ryze's way might not be [ the only efficient way to use magic]( But I'll come back to it later on. Let's skip to the main course! _____________________________________ Magic has always been one of my favourite worldbuilding subjects. So let's see what I'd like to see in 2019! 1. The different branches of magic. In From the Ashes, Kegan asks a very interesting question. Does magic have a source? A very intriguing question, that I think won't be answered this year -if ever. But we might get some hints, after all! However, does magic have _a_ or does magic have source_s_? That's pretty much linked to my next expectation! 1. We know that there are several types of magic. Cosmic, spirit, elemental, runic, arcane, and many more. Question is, do they all come from a same source, or are there different ones? I think this is a question Riot could answer to. Like, what's the difference between Ryze's and Syndra's magic? I mean, there are obvious ones as they have different effects, but _why_? 1. Kinda related but, what makes that people are attuned to one type of magic rather than another? Environment? Why is Lux a light mage, why is Taliyah an... earth mage(?)? Why does magic manifest differently in each mage? * Another thing I'd like explored, is power level. Let's put it that simple: why are some mages born overpowered (like Syndra), while others aren't as strong (like Ezreal)? We know this isn't linked to the genetic (Syndra's powers were a surprise to her family for example, proving that you can be OP as fuck even if it doesn't run in the family), so what is it linked to? * The ways to use magic. According to Ryze, the best way to use magic is like breathing: take in the magic, use it, release it. But is that true for everyone? Look at Syndra (I know, I'm using her a lot but heee sorry), she's using her magic instinctively and it's still super strong (and she uses it constantly, because ~~running~~ flying away with half a fortress requires constant use of magic). I'm not really expecting this one to be dealt with, but it'd be cool to know why it might be different for everyone! * Scathelocke asked how could such stuff be discussed (in what kind of story, and by whom). I don't know if a story is the best way to explain this kind of stuff. Something like [Santangelo's field journal]( or [this Rek'Sai's creative spotlight]( might be a better format (Santangelo's journal is a story but... You get my point)! A grimoire from the Black Rose, or an ancient scroll from Shurima... These might be interesting to see! Now, as to who... I have a couple champions in mind. I'm thinking about LeBlanc, who has a lot of knowledge about magic in general since that's what her cult is about, Lissandra, who's been around for far longer than any other human, and Xerath, who's studied magic a lot before jeopardizing Azir's ascension. These are the ones that come to mind when I'm thinking explanations on magic. Shen is also a good candidate for spirit magic, as he probably has some knowledge about that (personal plus, he could provide some juicy stuff on Syndra's weird powers :')) _____________________________________ I think that'll be all... Most of my other questions would be champion-focused anyway. So! Tell me, what are you expecting from magic explanations this year? Is it something you'd like to see, or would you like it to stay a total mystery?
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