@riot plz let akali be the next to decrease prize

So after kayn's release to champ prizes will decrease. the one is kha'zix (source from riot supp) and another 4800 or lower champ(meaning a 3150 or 1350 champ would be also possible) so who would that champ be? one speculation of a gamer here said to me in another post is that: > In fact it is rather likely that the additional champ(they always reduce an additional champ every 3 releases) will be a 3150 champ,because the additional champ reductions(the ones that happen every 3 champ releases and happen in addition to reducing the price of a 6300 champ)always follow a pattern(first a 3150-champ gets reduced,then a 1350-one,followed by a 4800 one and then the cycle starts again). > So since our last additional reduction was Galio(formerly a 4800 champ) it is very likely that our next additional reduction will be a 3150 champ. So riot please consider akali's price reduce. I'm having a hard time accumulating LP so please let her be that champion. thanks in advance. source: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202083304-Permanent-Champion-Price-Reduction
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