I personally hope that Ezreal will never get in with Lux, HOWEVER I do hope...

... that due to a mix of the unique magic he uses plus the strong front he puts up for the world to see, he only catches the attention of the most dangerous women around. And when I'm talking about dangerous I mostly mean "beings of a higher power or in connection with said powers that remove them so far from common humanity that interaction might end lethal in a very short time". An ancient celestial entity? CHECK! {{champion:142}} A dragon? Check! {{champion:102}} A spider? CHECK! {{champion:60}} Tentacle Priest? CHECK! {{champion:420}} A voidling (technically)? {{champion:145}} Check! A darkin? (Unknown, teased in varus lore as his "sister") CHECK! He puts out a behavior like that and asks the world to love him? Well he soon will learn the true meaning of the phrase "be careful what you wish for" with such a fanclub - and he might be able to tell Zoe to just buzz off because he wants to get with Lux, but I wonder what happens if he tries that with Elise... And after all that you get him actually together with Lux, only to then make him realize that she's pretty much one of the most dangerous mages of Runeterra, pretty much a humanoid weapon of mass destruction that could probably wipe an entire village of the map without breaking as much as a sweat - and probably even more dangerous than all of the above combined. Look man usually I don't really care about this whole shipping thing, but an arrogant brat like Ezreal deserves a little more... danger in his life, I think we can all agree on that. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} (Also YES I GET IT THIS IS HERESY FOR THE HOLY TARIC SHIP, but please just consider this for a minute)

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