The new Volibear visual update may have a twist

Volibear and Fiddlesticks rework update explained in Champion Roadmap
The new designs for Fiddlesticks and Volibear were revealed via Champion Roadmap. The two both keep the essence of their original designs, while being updated to lean into their aesthetics more. Fiddlesticks looks absolutely horrific, and Riot is leaning hard on the concept of fear for his kit.
Yes, he isn't the eldritch horror armored war bear we were promised but instead it was a more naked version of current volibear. But think about it the way I think it will go. At full health, Volibear looks like exactly like as he is shown in the road map BUT the more he loses his health, the more his eldritch look becomes more prominent. Teared skin, multiple eyes and dozens of broken rusted weapons stacked on his back are revealed with thunder surging through his flesh. His armor would become broken and dark. He loses more of his white pelt and either turns dark or no fur at all, showing only his bare flesh and muscle. As he loses more of his health, half of his face becomes stripped of flesh and he starts dripping black blood. And when he begins to heal, he slowly reforms back into the way he was before. A white armored war bear shown in the road map. It makes sense as seen in this scene, "Alone and in the middle of the city, the bear spirit’s avatar impaled corpses on stakes arranged in some unknowable pattern. Black branches and roots grew from the speared bodies around the beast, like worms slowly crawling from the earth. The flesh and fur on the Volibear’s face had healed, its muscles seemed thicker, stronger than before". What do you guys think?
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