Underrated Skins, Part 1: Silverfang Akali

And when I say underrated, I do not mean no-one uses the skin. I mean to say it doesn't have enough attention overall, outside of flaunting a skin. Lore: "Former second-in-command of an honorable clan of assassins, Akali has broken from their ranks to find her own path. She plies her trade in the darkest corners of the world's largest metropolis, awaiting the day when she can establish a clan of her own." Splash: From a good glance you can see she's an urban ninja, and arms dealer. Looking a little further, you can see a mix between new and old asian-styled buildings. Look to the left then to the center, you can also observe Akali's attempts at the Silverfang clan's mark. Going from Akali's Classic Dragon tattoo to the Sliver Dragon. Summary: This skin, Akali is a post-modernized ex-yakuza member. My Thoughts: A post-modern yakuza skinline should definitely happen. This sort of seriousness wouldn't fit into the Crime City skinline, nor is it futuristic enough to be Cyberpop / PROJECT. This skinline would focus more on champions who use blades, and dodge magic as much as possible. If anymore yakuza skins come out, I'd most likely think these champions would be up next. {{champion:98}} - Ex-Clan Leader of Akali {{champion:157}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:131}} - Shen's Clan {{champion:555}} {{champion:79}} - Separate Clan {{champion:122}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:82}} - Rogue

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