I am Carlos on expanding old skin lines

https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/b/b4/Udyr_SpiritGuardSkin.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20181021103528 A bit slow to the punch, one of the things _RIOT I Am Carlos_, mentioned that after the success of High Noon and Pulsefire last year, they'd look at expanding and revitalising some older skin lines this year, So my question to the community is what old skin lines do you think have potential to be possibly brought back and expanded upon? As an example I think Spirit Guardian has a lot of potential to be further explored and expanded into its own skin line with Native American influences. The spirit guardians could be those with the ability to tap into their totem or spirit animal in order to protect some sacred land from some threat (Could be Titan-like creatures or aberrations who knows). Spirit Guardian {{champion:77}} would be the master of this order (he is an ultimate skin after all) and be the teacher of four apprentices who all possess spirit animals. My pitches for the four apprentices would be {{champion:2}} (Bear-Beserker/Brave with tomohawks), {{champion:201}} (Turtle-Shield is a giant shell), {{champion:76}} (Tiger-explains itself), {{champion:133}} (Eagle-Because Spirit Valor). Later on this could also be expanded with totems that are different to Udyrs such as a Native American style {{champion:103}} (Fox), {{champion:555}} (shark), or {{champion:420}}. And then the aberrations defiling the land could be an opportunity for some of those monster champs in need of skin love like {{champion:421}}. Another avenue would be to do spirit/totem like iterations of Volibear/Rammus/Rengar/Anivia instead of humanoids although Anivia is just about to get a skin so... Anyway what skin lines do you think we could see that have a lot of untapped potential?
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