Gotta say: Not a fan of Kayle's new look.

On the positive side, Morgana looks pretty sick and I appreciate that Kayle upgrades/ascends over the course of the game. A six-winged Archangel looks awesome to see flying across the battlefield like a damn Diablo/Warhammer game. But man, I am **NOT** digging that armor. Bear in mind this isn't some "Ugh hot women DELETE" argument because there is a place for some smarmy, sexy characters. Kayle wasn't one of them. Kayle was League's version of Samus Aran: An androgynous and fully armored angel with practical armor that didn't make it readily apparent that she was even female. Her armor was thick and heavy. Her mannerisms were anything but playful and Kayle was one of the few really unique female designs in league. While this new rework keeps her voice the same and has some awesome lines (Particularly a fan of the wings/feet one Morg and Kayle share), Kayle's armor is....eeeeeeeeh. It's just generically sexy. It looks like some kind of skintight body suit with huge exaggerated hips. She also loses armor the more ascended she becomes (eventually wearing like a platekini) and showing off more skin. Hell, you could even fix this easily: Have Kayle's ascension give her more powerful, practical armor as she grows stronger. Have her feminine features disappear as she cares less about being human and more about delivering justice. It's not a perfect fix, mind you, but it'd at least do something to bring back some of her cool design. I'm aware it's much too late to ask for this and that with this out, Kayle is likely set-in-stone. I'm not mad. Just disappointed.
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