So many Questions about Sona. (Where is she?)

Now I have been a fan of {{champion:37}} since I started playing League a long time ago and I've been holding back my frustrations after I read the {{champion:99}} comics because It only adds more to my list of questions I hope to get answered one day. So i'm hoping the community can help me fill in the blanks. We all know {{champion:37}} was adopted by Lestara Buvelle a rich Demacian. She is endeared by some Highborn in Demacia but suspected of magic by others. So this brings me to my 1st couple of questions. 1. Was she in Demacia during the conflict that takes place in the {{champion:99}} comic? 1a. If she was accused of magic or was she protected by some HighBorn? Maybe {{champion:5}} since he's in the related champions on her page in the universe? 1b. If she wasn't how does {{champion:517}} know about her? Where was their encounter? The next couple of questions come from the 2018 {{champion:13}} cinematic where {{champion:37}} is featured at Hirana Monastery, Ionia. 2. Why was she there? Did {{champion:13}} ask her to help? 2a. If she was already in Ionia was she looking for her birth parents? Or is she traveling Runeterra preforming? 2b. If she wasn't in Ionia did she travel with {{champion:13}}? 2c. Can {{champion:13}} understand {{champion:37}} Since we know she was or is in Ionia we can assume thats how {{champion:202}} 1st saw her and started to think of her as his rival. 3. What is her etwahl? It's connected to her and maybe magical because it always finds it's way back to {{champion:37}}. The last question is kind of a theory that spawned in my head when the vastaya tree came out. 4. Is she or her weapon somehow related to the Chyra "the silent chorus" Vastaya? Just the silent chorus part reminds me of {{champion:37}} and we don't know who her birth parents are or why she can not talk or even where her etwahl came from. Now to wrap these questions I'm just going to add some things I would personally like to possibly see RIOT do with Sona in the future. 1. Have a story about her birth or a story about her etwahl. 2. If she travels for concerts maybe have some stories of the places she has seen and the people she have met. (She could be used to expand and explore Runeterra's cultures.) 3. A list of champions that can understand {{champion:37}}. 4. I'm also interested in the story of when {{champion:202}} first saw {{champion:37}} and how in his mind he sees her as a rival. 5. An update on her adoptive mother and how shes doing in Demacia after the {{champion:99}} comics and the death of the king. (maybe there is nothing to mention maybe there is. I'm just curious.) Edit: I already Pre-ordered the lore book so if anything interesting pops up in there i'll update.
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