One For All: Rioters VS NA Players. Friday, Oct 23rd @4PM PST.

Yo! :D A few of us are up for some One For All games this Friday, who's interested? The team who made One For All is down, any other Rioters up for this challenge? Time to find out who is the strongest... there can be... ONLY ONE! \>o</ **What:** One For All **When:** Friday, Oct 23rd @ 4PM PST. **Where:** NA server. Room details and password will be edited into this thread on Fri. EDIT: Games are up, we have 3 games! Remember to search under Custom->One For All and check the "Show Private Games" checkbox. EDIT 2: Done, thanks for playing all! The FGM team does these occasionally, so we'll see you next time! So many Bards.. many many Bards... o.O **Game 1: ** FULL FULL FULL **Room:** OFA Rioters Vs Players 01 **Pwd:** allforone01 **Rioters:** L4T3NCY, Riot Terra, MoreChrono **Game 2:** FULL FULL FULL **Room:** OFA Rioters Vs Players 02 **Pwd:** allforone02 **Rioters:** RiotBearricade, JustJob, Ponts, Riot Nekomaru **Game 3:** FULL FULL FULL **Room:** OFA Rioters Vs Players 03 **Pwd:** allforone03 **Rioters:** Riot Stephiroth, Riot DefaultChar, Anchris, Murms
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