Aram - mabye make the "r" finally stand for random?

I really likethe concept of´s quick, it´s action-oriented, it´s full of variation, providing lots of room for improvisation. That´s the theorie however. Unfortunately in practical play it turns out that very many Arams are just very onesided...not because one team plays much better, but because their teamcomposition just dismantles the other. It neither enjoyable to stomp without having someone fighting back, nor is it enjoyable to get stomped. So how can this be improved? I think the main-problem currently is that there are a damn lot of players that own a lot of mages/ad-carries and maybe some supports - but not many melee champions (that traditionally don´t do all that well in Aram) players that own many/all champs are more likely to "lose" champselect in aram...and most matches include a lot of high-poke champions, while you very rarely see a multitude of melees. The other problem is the reroll it just steamlines setups more into the poke>>>all direction, so if you don´t reroll your melees you can be sure the opposition has the better matchup. So from my perspectives two things have to change: - The dice-roll should include all Champions, wether or not a player owns them to make sure everyone has the same chance to get an Aram-powerhouse - this would also force players to improvise and adapt a lot more, which is what the gamemode should be all about in the first place (playing a random-champ should lure you out of your comfort-zone from time to time) - this would also shut down specific aram-accounts that only own Champions that perform very well in Aram - rerolling should not be an option, or at least should be limited to 1 reroll per game - alternatively the reroll could lower the amount of IP gained as a trade-off (thanks to Fluxbound for the idea) - If you get a champ you seldom/never played before - so what? The Champs are there to be played, and maybe you´ll find a new champ to fall in love with that way. As I said...the gamemode should bring out the best in the players regarding improvisation - not make them stand 2000range away from each other and just play a game of poke&chicken if things work out well (I still would absolutely dig an ultimate-bravery mode).
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