New Ultra Rapid Fire Predictions

Now that the news is out, what are everyone's predictions about the OP champions and builds in the NURF (I see what you did there) rules set? For easy reference, the game mode modifiers are: +100% mana and energy cost on all abilities +200% cooldown inflation on abilities, items and summoner spells +225 movement speed reduction +200% delay between basic attacks Critical strikes deal 50% of base AD Units critically strike on 150% of attacks Best predictions so far (IMO): 1. Fiddlesticks - has an aura ult and can jump out of hiding with it. W drain is channeled and will last longer since it will take enemies longer to get out of range. 2. Katarina - channeled ability, does not rely on aa or crits, and has resets. 3. Amumu - has an aura, and can double down with itemization like Cinderhulk. Plus tank stats aren't nerfed, which should make them stronger relative to offensive stats. 4. Morgana - Lots of CC, her pool will hit for longer against slowed movement enemies, ult will likely hit for full, resulting in a ton of damage, snare and a stun. 5. Heimer - Dem turrets! 6. Viegar - hard to dodge combo 7. Nidalee - hard to dodge spears and resourceless cat form. 8. Gailo - good base damage, hard to dodge aoe ult, move speed buff 9. Akali - still bursty enough. 10. Riven - resourceless, has a dash. 11. Rumble - good luck getting out of that ult! 12. Teemo - move speed buff and debuff and does magic damage over time... and we have all the time in the world. 13. Zyra - easy to land skill shots + plants you can't escape from = godly!!! Honerable mention: 1. Swain - Channeled Ult that heals - healing is not nerfed which should make it stronger relative to offensive abilities. But will 100% more mana cost be too much? 2. Kalista - jump passive may be really good - but can she itemize attack speed while avoiding crit? 3. Brand - will be much easier to land his full combo, which will kill many champs, but will the high mana costs and cool downs wreck him in team fights?
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