About the new TT

Okay, Riot, I'm just going to come out and say it. **YOU SERIOUSLY MESSED UP.** Most of the changes are fine. However, the new Death Timers are absolutely pointless on this map. Just had a game where we got ACED mid game, and the resulting 45-second-plus death timer allowed the enemy team to take in order: 1 Base turret 1 inhibitor almost took the Nexus turret With no chance for us to defend. Usually that's fine in SR, with the increased distance between the nexus and inhibitors allowing for greater time to travel and the chance to save the nexus turrets. But on TT, with the much smaller space between Nexus and inhibs, it's much more important to stave off an ACE, or the enemy could end much quicker with no repercussions. TBH, that's why I liked the old TT. An ACE wasn't as game-ending as it is now. This allows for much more intense battles of back-and-forth. Not to mention the other problems that plague the mode: Incredibly high number of bots: When the first question you ask the players who pick free week champs is "Are you human?", that's a bad sign. (Dominion faces this problem as well.) Lack of Normal Draft mode. Lack of Solo Ranked mode. tl;dr: Revert the Death Timer changes.
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