Lesser known URF powerhouses.

Alright, so the first thing I'm going to say is that I want to address a few champions who I personally don't see a lot, (and I play URF a lot.) If anyone has other cool ideas, please do share, I love to play many different picks. Let me start with Rumble.{{champion:68}} His passive is now a blessing but still a little painful. So rumble now gas VERY PAINFUL auto attacks, but you don't get to take as much advantage of the Danger Zone. But since his silence was disabled, he is now very strong. Now his Q, straightforward, is now 100% spamming. The cool down is lower than the duration if the spell. His Work, the shield. Yes, shields are need, but now he actually has some escape power with that speed boost. And it's cd is only a couple seconds, and helps negate return damage. Now, probably my favorite part about rumble is his E, those electric harpoons It can be cast twice with a STACKING slow. The cool down is low, which makes me feel like I'm using a harpoon minigun. Need I say much on his ultimate? Let it rain rockets every 20 seconds. It can now casually clear waves and poke onto engage. Honestly with building almost full ap, you're just about able to get a penta kill with your ultimate alone. PS: I'm going to add more soon, I have more to mention.
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