Toaster's Butcher Bridge, tnx Rito, gj! U see this toaster? Thats my laptop when I click on "ARAM" when choosing what to play. And here he is again last night when he saw that YouTube video of the new slimy sticky bridge (_Looks great but i bet its the stinkiest place in runeterra_): Yeah look at him! See how worried he is looking at that pile of stuff around the bridge?! Seriously: Cant wait to try this map on desktop, but me and the girlfriend want to team up every day. And with the pool-party minions and the new turret and minions on ARAM grinding down more and more FPS on her laptop... I start to think that we will need to cool-down our team up habits untill we can by a new laptop for her. **Please! Please consider adding an option that can turn background models On/Off. Please!** We don't actually need to see all that stuff around the bridge in order to play. And when your playing with 12-18 fps 3 more mean a lot. **TL;DR:** Option for this: To be made just in to this: In order for toasters to have fun too!

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