Why Not Hire SkinSpotlights Replay to Make a Integrated Replay System?

All throughout worlds Riot has been using SkinSpotlights Replay to show off awesome plays. Its clear that the folks who developed SkinSpotlights replay have an amazing product, but they struggle with keeping their software operational whenever a new patch comes out. Any time a new patch comes out users of SkinSpotlights replay can't access their previous patch replay files without changing LoL files to be compatible with the new patch. Riot has recently come out saying they don't have the manpower or the desire to implement a replay feature in the near future. Why not hire SkinSpotlights replay and give them the support they both need and deserve to fully integrate SkinSpotlights Replay into League of Legends? It would cost Riot a relatively small amount of money and Its a win-win situation that not only rewards great innovators in our community but gives players features they both want and deserve.
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