New Years Game Mode - Classic/Old Summoner Rift with Classic/Old Champion Skins

It popped in my mind as I watched oldl League videos. AP Master Yi, Old Kayle, The Old Sion and such. I thought what be a nice game at the start of the new year, is a rehash of the old that other players couldn't experience because they came in so late. Like AP Yi, Stacking Black Cleavers, and Sunfire Capes. DFG and Old Kitten scratch Rengar with his Triple Q, and targeted Ebola. What I thought would be a neat Idea, would be to bring back some old items (Old Black Cleaver, Heart of Gold, Force of Nature, even the old jungle items.) An make a game mode where champions can be played at a certain point way back when an enjoy the craziness an what made people stay and play league for so long. An even keep the new items and see how they contend with the old. Like building the New Black Cleaver with the Old for the sweet stacks and Phage passive and CDR. Or having Force of Nature and the Cinderhulk jungle item with a warmogs for that MASSIVE HP Regen. Or even getting both Ionic Spark with Statikk Shivv just to see the LIGHTNING. It would be nice and a great way to show the progress league has made since they first started, an reintroduce what people found addicting and what they loved about league :3. An as for "Classic Skins" I thought, why not have some legendary skins that have characters in there old goofy stances, in their modern day stances. Like Yi running around as a crab an attack like he used to. Or the old Sion where he has his old voice and had his down right funny walking animation and attack animation. Or other champions that people would love to see today with modern day textures or even old. Or even the old dances brought back like Garens along with the jokes they used to have. (Let's not forget the four second fear Fiddlesticks, and Dodge Master Jax.)

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