Urf mode and queue times

Hey everyone, By now I’m sure you’ve heard of the untimely demise of the New Ultra Rapid Fire preview, and the rise of classic Ultra Rapid Fire from its smoldering rubble. For anyone unfamiliar with terms such as “[Helicopter Horse](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LVo2PJF5Wc)”, or the glory days of [Ultimate Faceroll Sona](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sO0PDLs47qU), U.R.F. mode brings with it some truly insane moments for the game. However, alongside the skill spam and huge amounts of death and destruction, the game servers take a serious beating as well. Left unchecked, the extra load can potentially cause Bad Things to happen to the entire region. To prepare for this possibility, we’ve been working on a variety of tactics to keep things stable while U.R.F. is rocking. During extremely high server load, you may experience longer wait times than normal when queuing up for U.R.F. In extreme cases, the game mode could even be temporarily disabled. You may also notice that U.R.F. mode against AI bots is temporarily throttled or disabled, which allows more headroom for 5v5 PvP U.R.F. matches. Finally, the minimum number of players needed to create custom games could be temporarily increased. Our overall aim is to have as much uptime for U.R.F. mode as possible, without negatively impacting the rest of the region. We’re confident that U.R.F. mode will be a blast, and will take every precaution to keep the rest of LoL gliding along as well. Our hope is that this post gives some advance insight into what’s going on should any of the above tactics have to take place. Alright then, that’s all from us. We’ll be seeing you all on the corpse-strewn hellscape of the U.R.F. battlefield. I'll be hanging out to answer questions. Hope everyone's enjoying Urf so far!
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