a suggestion to riot for a possible offline mode for lore junkies

question what do most games have in common A. story mode B player vs player C both if you answered A you are correct. i think league of legends would need a story mode for people who love the lore and are offline. I personally think that it would make the lore events much less intrusive and more interesting because you could make much more developed characters like {{champion:157}} would fight {{champion:98}} {{champion:84}}{{champion:85}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:64}} who are after him and than he would find out {{champion:92}} is the one who killed his master and he would have to find her and fight her. I personally think that the story mode would be like soul caliber I - IV where you fight a chain of 6 enemies than one boss for the character who is really buffed.

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