Permanent Sandbox Mode

**What is "Sandbox"?** Basically, a sandbox mode would be where you could control the entire game environment, and basically do whatever you feel like on the SR Map without it affecting "True" gameplay. It would provide a way for people to practice specific things in gameplay, or just have a bunch of fun. **Why should I care?** Well first off, take a look at this video: And then come back and ask that. A(n) (Offical) sandbox gamemode can allow ridiculous things like the Ezreal in the video. It is completely ridiculous, overpowered and sounds like a ton of fun with friends. **Sounds Interesting, but wouldn't this allow Farming IP/XP?** No! Definitely not! Something like this would be reserved purely for practicing or just having fun after you lost a game, without gaining anything from it. **So....How would this work?** Quite simple! There would be what I like to consider "commands" you can input in chat to change really anything. You could set your health to 9 trillion or have a duel with a friend with 2 thousand AP as Lux, or have Rammus speed races across the map with 5k Movespeed. Really anything. These commands could be like for example: .set [stat type, example health, or gold, or level] [summoner name, leave blank for yourself] [amount] Or if you wanted to give yourself an item in your inventory: .giveitem [summoner name, leave blank for yourself] [item name] Maybe also a way to change champions mid game: .champion [summoner name, leave blank for yourself] [Champion Name, example Alistar] [Skin name, if owned] Also, don't forget a way to summon monsters into the rift: .summon [monster name, example Baron] (This would spawn at your location) **Sounds like a lot of chaos, how could we cooperate and practice/play in the way we desire?** Simple. Maybe there could be a way to allow players to modify these gameplay elements, give items, whatever really. My personal opinion is that the creator of the room should be allowed to set other people to do these things with a command like *(subject to change)*: .op [summoner name] Or to remove them: .deop [summoner name] **It sounds cool and all, but who would play it?** I imagine a lot of teams would use this mode to practice teamfighting in certain situations (example: at the enemy blue buff) or with certain items, or maybe Udyr jungle wants to practicing a Level 3 Dragon, He could set his stats to Level 3 and someone could summon dragon, and he could try and fight it. Or, as I said above, someone who just lost a game and wants to take out their rage could go into a Sandbox game and repeatedly kill his opponent over and over. **I WANT THIS NOW HOW CAN I HELP** Whoa slow down, this is just an idea that I personally Riot will like and implement into the game. If you like the idea, you can drop your suggestions and/or comments in the comments section, and maybe we can inspire Riot to add it! ;) **Examples of commands** .set [stat type, example health, or gold, or level] [summoner name, leave blank for yourself] [amount] .giveitem [summoner name, leave blank for yourself] [item name] .champion [summoner name, leave blank for yourself] [Champion Name, example Alistar] [Skin name, if owned] .summon [monster name, example Baron] .teleport [summoner name, leave blank for yourself] [location, other summoner name, examples: baron, mid, bot, top, dragon, etc.] .summon [monster name, example Baron] .op [summoner name] .deop [summoner name] NOTE: This isn't a complete list of everything that would be required to do all of this. Some other things would be a way to reset global passives (Dragon Buff, Nasus Stacks), a way to reset towers/inhibs, (Or spawn more of them!) Or a way to add more projectiles, like the Ezreal in the video. (Doom Bots of Doom for human players!) Or ability cast times. If you have some ideas on other commands to add, let me know in the comments! **Thanks for reading! I hope Riot can add this! It would be fantastic for League, and would be perfect for Season 5, as its all about Strategy, so this is a great way to practice strategies with your team or friends! :)** {{summoner:4}} Related Post:
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