OK So I was playing All-for-One last night, and my friends and I were playing Kench. We decided to make a game of seeing how far we could pass the scuttle before it died. What sprung from this was essentially Kench Soccer. Riot please make this a game mode. Make it on a wide map, or maybe even the ARAM map, and put an invincible scuttle in it. Have it always running away from people, but the goal is to shoot the scuttle through the enemy team's gate i.e. past a chokepoint similar to the first base tower on a normal sumoner's rift. First team to score X points wins. You could have a lee sin as a goalie to make things interesting. Also, you could include that killing enemy champs gives your team 1 point as well to make it really interesting. This is just the concept, but I think it could be a ton of fun. Million Kench's shooting scuttles at each other. Enough said. Cheers. Edit: This could be a map type that uses a lot more than just Tahm Kench, but he was the "founding fish" of the idea.

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