"Legend of the Poro King" Q&A with the Play team. 12/19, 11AM - 1PM PST

Hi Everyone ^.^/ Our latest Featured Game Mode, the “*Legend of the Poro King*” is now live, and the Play team is here to field any questions or suggestions you guys might have! We make all of the Featured Game Modes, so feel free to ask us anything about Poro King (or any previous modes). Who are your favourite champs to engage with using the Poro Dash? What team comps have the best synergy with the Poro King? Where does the Poro King even *go* when he’s dispelled!? We’ll be online from now for 2 hours from 11:00AM ~ 1:00PM PST. For the King! -L4T3NCY -BuffMePlz -DefaultChar -Ponts EDIT: Ok we're out guys, thanks for stopping by. See you on the Abyss! http://i.imgur.com/bNzxF6V.jpg
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