One For All:SR popular picks & bans discussion

Heya guys, as usual when we wrap up Featured Game Modes we like to talk a little about each mode's landscape. o^_^o **Some popular bans:** It didn't feel like there was much of a role/style theme to bans, just _"whatever people thought was strong"_ or _"champs they didn't want to play against"_? Darius, Yasuo, Katarina, Lux & Heimer were pretty popular to ban. At high MMR none of them were really that strong, being itemised against or "out-kitted" depending on the enemy champ. They do have a fairly low barrier to entry to access power (except Yasuo), so that could be one reason? What champs did you guys usually ban (and why)? **Q:** Did you ban Wukong? **A:** _"Every mistake is a lesson."_ --- {{champion:62}} **Some popular picks:** Not too surprised here, a lot of the popular champs could make #bigplays and are kinda flashy. Yasuo, Lee Sin, Lux, Blitz & Ezreal all saw a fair bit of play time. I'm impressed that Yasuo got through _so_ much, given how heavily he was banned. o.O Despite being overwhelmingly popular, champs like Nidalee, Fiddlesticks and Soraka didn't really fair too well. Were there any other champs you guys felt were super popular, but actually just terrible? **Q: **Can a random sample of players in your MMR pickup and successfully play Azir in OFA? **A:** No. :/
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