4 teams, twenty players,six lanes

How's everyone doing today? I've been crunching away on a map on some pieces of paper for about a week now, the concept is simple; four teams of five players. Each team's base will have three lanes, one for each enemy team, The bases would not be in corners of the map, but would be centered on each edge, with extremely large jungle areas.. I'll post a better representation of this later on so others can see the layout, There are two dragon camps and two baron camps, each of which will be placed close to the main "Crossway" path to encourage team fights by objectives In addition to this, there will be four red and blue buffs, no kruggs or gromp, but there will be a lich, and a beholder Skeleton buff turns any monster you kill into a necromancer minion, which spawns in each lane, they will grant gold to both you and the nearest champion, similar to relic shield, but will also resurrect any minions they damage as zombie minions.. these will grant gold to enemy who kill them. Beholder buff will increase your vision by 2% for a short period of time, allow for more ward placement and will give an additional effect on offensive spells along with every couple of auto attacks.. this will be a small amount of damage, around champion level+10 or so. buff camps will be placed in between lanes laid out so each team has the ability to contest one camp at early game. Spawn times will be reduced on this map. Teams who are defeated will essentially become buffs, by virtue of annexation, if a team is defeated by their nexus being destroyed, then their nexus is actually captured, their base defenses stay down and their minion waves will continue down against other camps, the two additional unused wave spawn locations will be put down the center lanes, towards the crossroads (The area where two mid lanes intersect and become a free for all). Annexed teams will gain increased participation bonus based on their actions after annexation, this wont ever be greater than victory bonus on IP but will still be greater than standard loss. Opposing teams will gain a bonus on their stats based on how outnumbered they are, this will be called desperation. While entrapped teams may free themselves through the death of an enemy boss monster, known as the overlord. On the death of the overlord, all captured nexuses are reset to their original owners, this monster will be designed to have to fight against ten high level enemy champions. victory is destroying/capturing all enemy nexuses. I think that brawlers might be a good addition to this mode, as they are actually pretty darned potent. I'd conceive the meta in this game to be two mid, one top, one bot, and one jg. Anyone have any feedback for this? Again I'll post a better visual representation in a bit...
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