Harrowing no longer a Halloween event? Snowdown no longer for Christmas or Winter?

Red Post Collection: One for all LIVE, Data & Champion Balance Part 2, Note about Harrowing, Zombie Nunu VU, & much more!
This morning's red post collection includes a heads up that ONE FOR ALL is available through October 26th at 2 AM PDT, part two of the Data & Champion Balance dev blog, discussion on this year's Harrowing, a look at what went into the Zombie Nunu voiceover, a new "What is LoL?"
"Hey everyone, We’re making a few changes around how we roll out seasonal events, story, and featured game modes. As you know, in past seasonal events we’ve released content together (i.e. the Harrowing or Snowdown). Going forward, we’re going to be switching that up a bit and releasing those different types of content separately — like you’ve probably seen on PBE with One For All, Zombie / Slayer skins, and the Shadow Isles champion bios. All of this means seasonal events like the Harrowing and Snowdown will roll out differently than you’ve seen them in the past. This lets us kick out cool stuff more often without being constrained by specific times of year. As always, let us know what you think about these changes in the comments below. We’re stoked to hear what you think." When asked if this meant no more holiday skins, he clarified: "We're still going to be releasing content during holiday periods, we're just not bundling it in the same way." Thoughts about Rito taking away the meaningfulness of all holiday events so they can release them whenever? Do you think they should be able to release Snowdown in the middle of July? Do you think Harowing should be released in January? Please give me your thought and suggestions on this.
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