2 new game-mode ideas

so I'm a fairly new player, i joined around the start of season 4. because i was pretty bad at the game (still am) when i first started playing, i didn't really understand the really fun builds that were available at the time and i didn't really goof around with things like full ap Sion or Soraka mid. looking back at old YouTube videos of the game makes me really wish that there was a game-mode where we could play as champions as they were in say season 2 or 3. like we could play on the same summoners rift but have the old characters, items and summoners spells (RIP revive). my second idea is kind of a mashup between game-modes. imagine one for all mirror mode U.R.F, maybe even on howling abyss instead of summoner rift. I'm just imagining how hilarious it would be to have 5 Jinxs or Ezreals all ulting at the same time every 15 seconds or the intensity of 5 v 5 Nidalee U.R.F in one lane thank you for reading
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