Hexakill <3 Katarina & assassins early on in Featured Game Modes

Heya everyone ^.^/ So we just wrapped up Hexakill: Twisted Treeline with the latest patch, and we hope you had as much fun playing it as we did. Those ganks. -_- I wanted to chat about Katarina briefly. We often saw comments that she was “crazy OP” and “needed to be banned”. So we know that some players certainly believed this, as she was *ridiculously* popular. I mean, Katarina had a comparable play rate to the 10 strongest Hexakill: TT champs all added together! o.O However, looking at a variety of metrics we use to consider champion strength in particular modes, she was actually somewhat average (even accounting for mirror matches). *Substantially* less effective by comparison than champions like Sona, Janna, Soraka or Fiddlesticks. We saw a similar pattern emerge during Ascension where perceived strong champs actually turned out to be fairly average (or even way below average). So why are assassins so consistently popular in Featured Game Modes? This feels like a matter of perception. Assassins generally thrive in chaos and a lack of ‘meta’. Each FGM brings a wild west in its first week or so, and when Assassins win, they’re flashy about it. You’ll notice when a Kat gets that Hexakill. You’ll remember *her* as the catalyst for victory. The comparatively low key nature of supports like Sona, Soraka, et al, aren’t always directly attributed to the winning moments in games, even if they were the enablers. It's just one theory though, so what do you guys think?
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