Updated Summoners Rift opinions and discussion (First impressions)

Before I get started, I just wanted to ask everyone to please keep this discussion civil and respectful towards your fellows summoners. Thanks. Now, as you all know, the newly updated summoner's rift rolled out this week and I wanted to gather everyone's thoughts on what they like and don't like about different aspects of the map and the map itself as it stands. My take: After seeing announcements, updates, and sneak peaks for many months and finally playing it in person, I can blatantly say I am not impressed. Now before I get started I admit, I will need to play it more before I can have a solid opinion, but for the purpose of this thread I will state my first impression of the new map. I was going to do a pro's and con's but at the moment it's hard to find many pro's. One thing I do like is the load time. It was lightning fast, but I'm sure I'll find that one fellow with the 7th century grain mill of a computer to change that. Now, for the negative things. I do believe that this whole update was rather large downgrade in quality overall, textures being the main thing for me. I found it rather odd that other game companies will strive to improve it's graphics with every new game and updates, and yet Riot decides to (IMO) downgrade. It feels like they decided to take the blur tool from Photoshop and go to town. Performance wise, I do not notice any difference in my frame rate. I run at 100+ fps with maxed graphics. Another big problem for me is the camera perspective. The lanes feel gigantic and towers feel like they are in your face. (I have heard that this is to match the purple side's camera perspective?) All in all, I am fairly disappointed. Your turn! Go!
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