Great discussion on GD regarding Team Builder replacing Blind Pick.

I usually tend to avoid GD nowadays, but after checking out the Red Tracker, I found a great thread on GD regarding whether or not it would be a good idea to completely replace Blind Pick with Team Builder. Since Team Builder easily removes the whole first-to-lock-in race to play your desired champ, which usually leads to complaining/verbal abuse from the other team members, I can easily see this being a great evolution for League of Legends, especially for newer players. What do you guys think about this as a potential option? Here is a link to the current thread on GD: Side-note: You know what I'd LOVE to see happen with Team Builder? The option to avoid mirror matches. Since it's not possible in Draft Mode and that's usually the next step up after Blind/Team Builder, why not add it in as an option or part of the system entirely?
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