Possible for an alternatative SR mirror mode where only difference is it is testing stuff?

PBE does have a huge player amount(not all league players play on it) But would it be possible for a SR map(using it as base would make it less prone to bugs i would think) that is used to test random things every now and then? Not up 100% of the time, but if it was kept in the game files it would (presumably) be easy to toggle on and off every few weeks. like messing with summoner spells pretty sure lots of people would enjoy a SR w/o flash to see how it impacts the game or where revive can be used to cut the respawn time of a dead ally in half which could turn a losing match into a win with proper usage. having a live version testing grounds would offer feedback from more users than the PBE i would think. (could even have a popup at result screen for any feedback)

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