Has anyone ever noticed that about 70% of the gameplay elements people bitch about on Rift-

-are all things Riot very intentionally addressed when they originally created Dominion? The lane phase is dull! People snowball too hard! Supports feel gimpy due to a lack of gold! There aren't enough team fights! The games are too long! The game is too passive! Too many games end in surrender! I can almost imagine how it went down. Riot compiled all the player complaints and said 'How can we design a mode to minimize as many of these issues as we possibly can?' And Dominion was the result. Back when Riot was gearing up to release the mode, they (honest to God here, I could probably find the quote on the old Boards) thought that the game would be about 50/25/25% split between Dominion, Treeline, and Rift. Obviously that didn't happen. So why not? Was it purely the lack of support? The lack of ranked? How long it took for map-specific balance to be a thing? The lack of tutorials to help players ease into a wildly different game more? Or do players actually *enjoy* all those things they bitch about despite bitching about them incessantly? What do you think, M&M?
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