[Visual Update] From old wraiths to new...birds?

So I was watching the most recent video talking about the SR update, and I noticed, for a brief period (about 30 seconds in), that they showed the location of what is currently the wraith camp. The wraiths had been replaced with birds, and I remember seeing the name "Razorbeak" on one of them when the cursor was briefly on top of it. I like most of the changes done to the jungle monsters, but why this? On that train of thought, the wraiths we all know and love (to kill) are ranged. How will a bird be ranged? The only thing I could think of was shooting feathers at targets, which is actually kinda cool now that I think about it, but I don't quite understand the logic of this change. It just seems like "being different for the sake of being different." Am I missing something? Is there some reason for this? I know I'm just another random person, but if anyone has an answer to this, I'd really appreciate hearing it.
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