Untapped Mode Potential

(For Team Builder mainly but might be able to be added to any mode.) What if there was a way to bring a whole way to play that would entice new players to keep playing and get more IP? What if there was something for long time players to spend their IP on? I see so much untapped potential its ridiculous and I am honestly wondering if maybe RIOT missed it or just considered to much hassle to implement. In the current system in Blind Pick or Team Builder we pick our champ, skins, runes and masteries and then we hit the start or ready button and pray that the META of runes and masteries will lead us to victory. Well how about (in Team Builder for example) we select our champ then hit ready and we see the enemy team line up. **Then** we get to choose our runes/masteries (and skins if you want to go that route) after we see the champs we are playing against. The reason I think this would add to the game is it would entice players to build beyond the mastery/rune meta for a particular champ they enjoy playing as well as give them more control over how they handle their opponents. It could also add more viability to current champs. Right now we select a champ and their mastery/rune set up off what "should be the best" for any unknown scenario which leads to a very limited style of play. TLDR: Being able to see your enemy team makeup before selecting your runes and masteries would allow player to make real use of the runes they have purchased as well as providing incentive to purchase more with their IP. It would also give players a bit more control over matchups and add more fun to the game.
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