The Rifts Finest is in need of a Top Main! Silver-Gold players only.

Do NOT add me in-game! I will add you. We are team that prides our selves on positivity and having a good time but more importantly dedication! We are currently looking for a super active jungler with a solo que preferably between silver and gold so as to equalize level of skill so we can all improve together! You must be able to attend training times between 2pm-9pm monday-friday (Central Time) at the least with minimum interruptions. Do NOT expect to be jumping into real ranked 5s matches, for the next few days we will be doing draft normals so everyone can get to know each other and comfortable with everyones play-styles. Rules: No raging at all. To your teammates or the enemy. You get one strike. You must have Curse. Communicate well and often. Please fill the info out below and I will reach out to you as soon as I can. Do NOT add me in-game! I will add you. IGN: How long have you been playing the game: Solo Que Rank: Top 5 champs: Strengths: Weaknesses: Some info about your self, does not need to be that long: **KEEP IN MIND: For the next several days we are testing who will actually stay dedicated. Because of this people may come and go in the team until we finally find the right players who will prove their dedication. Until then we will only be playing Normal Draft games so everyone can get used to eachother before hitting the real ranked games!**

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