BRONZE TWO..lets talk for a bit..i may be seeking help..

oi mate so I just climeb out of bronze three into two and : ^^ :D I was so excited that I did andplayed a game of ranked today I was all inn the mood I WAS READY.. and focused ..ended up getting a yasuo who inted a heim...and an mf who fed a jhinx so moralof the story is I'm still bronze two 0 looking for somone to help me get a little bit of leeway on bronze two so I I wont be so worried anymore so I can go back to my norms and practice again so I can carry myself out>> ^^ that's allim askng for is a little bit of help on all the time and if I'm not I'm on moba I'm super friendly (age 17) and will reply anytime I can and usually y its SOON !! hope to see in a bit..i also main Diana and this is my build{{champion:131}} {{item:3285}} into{{item:3020}} into{{item:3115}} into{{item:3157}} into{{item:3135}} or{{item:3089}} the last two are situational^^{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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