I'm Looking For YouTubers To Play/Record With :D

Hey guys! So I've recently began to put league videos up on my new channel! I'm currently in bronze but got knocked down due to people not really knowing how to play, but that's besides the point :D I'm a light hearted, very energetic individual who ultimately loves to record and play any type of game! League being in my top 2 I'd love to start making more funny videos! I also would like to mess with the meta a little, for example in my latest video I duo Jung with a friend of mine, and I had a blast! On top of all that I've been working on editing using SkinSpotlight which is like a LoLReplay (But better in my opinion) So I would like to start making more cinematic bits into my videos! Any way, I'm looking for YouTubers who have similar goals! Do you record and want people to record with? Well Reply below :D There's only a couple things that I would like to have in my partners **_At leats 16 Y/O (I'm 23)_** PLEASE DON'T CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE NOT 16 OR OLDER! I DO NOT CARE HOW "MATURE" YOU ARE OR HOW YOU HANG OUT WITH YOUR UNCLE BOB AND AUNT JANINE ALL THE TIME! _** Have a YouTube Channel ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCduZMuRKgCFcmTE4QFC8WTQ )**_ PLEASE DON'T CONTACT ME IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A YOUTUBE/TWITCH CHANNEL THAT IS CONSTANTLY MAINTAINED. I DON'T WANT PEOPLE WHO'VE POSTED TWO VIDEOS 6 MONTHS AGO AND AREN'T CONSTANT IN THE YOUTUBE COMMUNITY. I'M LOOKING FOR PEOPLE TO MAKE YOUTUBE VIDEOS WITH, NOT FOR. THIS POST IS TO FIND OTHER YOUTUBERS, NOT JUST NEW PEOPLE TO PLAY WITH. I'M TRYING TO MAKE A YOUTUBE GROUP NOT A LEAGUE TEAM. _**Be Pretty Active On League**_ I'M LOOKING FOR PEOPLE THAT ARE PRETTY MUCH HAVE AN OPEN SCHEDULE SO THAT WE CAN RECORD WHEN EVER WE ARE BOTH AVAILABLE. I KNOW THAT THIS IS A BIG THING SO I'M NOT TOO WORRIED ABOUT IT BUT IT WOULD ROCK IF YOU PLAY A BUNCH :D _**Have skype (maybe one day we can get a TS)**_ WITH A DECENT MIC! IF I CAN HEAR YOUR NEIGHBORS NEXT DOOR I THINK YOU MIGHT NEED TO FIX YOUR MIC! PART OF QUALITY CONTENT STARTS WITH A DECENT MIC. Sorry if any of that sounded harsh but I'm looking for people that have the passion to record amazing content for others to see and laugh with. My goal is to find a mature group of friends that just love to joke around and play some games so that recording quality content just comes naturally. With people with similar interests and that "passion to record" we can actually accomplish this goal :D Well guys I hope to hear from you very soon! If you are interested click on my channel and look at my content! If you are still interested just comment below stating: Name (IGN): Skype (I can get this later): YouTube Channel URL: Age: Time Zone: Fav Champs and Pos: Rank: Favorite Superhero: Something Special About You: {{item:3157}} please contact me here and don't just add me on League, that way it'll make it more organized and I wont respond with a ignore or "Ummmm..... do I know you?" lol {{item:3157}}
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