HyperNova Gaming WANTS to have YOU join our community!

Hello everyone! Thank you for showing interest in HyperNova Gaming! We're a friendly, active, and competitive group of people looking to progress and play some games alongside like-minded people YOU ~~~~~~~ Are friendly, and mature We do _**NOT**_ tolerate any flaming, harassment, or verbal abuse. Are here to have **fun**! May be **competitive**! Use Discord. Speak English. _Thats it!_ WE ~~~~~~~~~ Will be encouraging, and enforcing a friendly, yet competitive environment for all of our members. Remove inactive members on a weekly basis. Are located in North America, but accept all English speaking players. Use Discord to communicate with everyone in our community. Do NOT tolerate abusive, or hateful speech towards other members. If HyperNova Gaming sounds like something you'd be willing to try out, please visit us on or add Pharaogoma or myself in-game! https://discord.gg/nD8zYbw

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