Team Take flyte looking for a adc and a top laner

Hi :) I'm the team leader of take flyte it was a ranked team made by me cause i was sick of joining teams and having the players not be online as i imagine most people do get sick of. Long story short the team was successful but one member had medical partners and the other one was racist ( we don't like racist players) so one player was removed and one is inactive. WE are currently looking to try out players rank does not matter but skill and availability does so ill take a bronze 5 whose good and online over the god like plat player who barely plays. Alittle about the ranked. We started through our provisional with a struggle but quickly got out of bronze 5 and did so well it skipped us into bronze 3. we all were bronze but i've helped people also escape silver and we all can fight plats golds etc and hold our ground. Our current record is 14 games played 9 of them won. Above all we all took advice and did well as a group. If your interested in trying out please leave you in game name what champs you play and tell us about yourself in detail. Also if you need to get in touch with me or my team message me in game my ign is MetaBreak Senpai and my junglers ign is Mafia Goat. If i do not respond either i am not online im in game or im work (get off about 7:10 pm eastern time). Look forward to meeting you guys :)
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