Making/Joining 3v3 Team

I have a lot of 3v3 experience over the past few years, I'm very familiar with the meta and actually have friends on much higher mmr teams in Twisted Treeline. That being said, my current team has gone inactive due to the military so I haven't played 3s in some time. But I'm looking to make/join a new 3s team if anyone's interested in playing on a daily basis. Last season, my team was Platinum in 3s. However, the team consisted of all low Gold and high Silver players (who are all great friends, so we had a ton of synergy). I played mostly AP on the team, but I main ADC in solo queue, so I'm perfectly capable of playing both 3v3 metas. I can't play anymore today because I work tomorrow so I'll soon be going to bed, but if anyone's interested get ahold of me. If interested, feel free to reach out to me. I'd gladly love to climb the ranked ladder again on a new team and make new friends. Additionally, I also have Curse/Skype/Teamspeak.
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