Looking for active support and top lane

eKo Gaming is looking for a support and top laner! Our team Me:Frekoislife level 30 bronze 1 jungler mid:Monekoislife level 30 bronze 2 adc:HITMAN698 level 24 We all use skype and if you wanna join yur gonna have too also for commucation We dont play ranked often we play in tournaments To be our top lane: -Know how to spilt push -Use tp at the right times -Be active To be our support -Ward often -Play grabbers often (naut,blitz,thresh,etc) If you are interrested we will be playing at 9 central time I will be adding people from now to 10 central To join add me on league Frekoislife Or add me on skype Nic noonecares or comment{{champion:154}}
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