Incaranted - Lf Mid, Jung, and Supp for Season 6 Ranked Team

We are looking for a mid, jungle and supp for this new team that will be created for season 6 to compete in tournaments and play on the ranked 5's ladder. We are looking to finalize the roster and practice in tournaments or ranked 5's so we are ready once season 6 rolls around. If you are interested in trying out for this team the only requirements before filling out the application are: have a way to talk (mic), have skype or ts (both be great), and have been Plat 5+ in Season 5.** I also encourage if you know someone or have a friend that you already play with and have chemistry with they can tryout 2 I will take that into account when making decisions but have to meet the requirements above** These are what I/we are looking for in the positions: **Mid Lane** **Has Communication** Good/Decent mechanics (if you lack in this area i don't mind a mid who goes even/loses in lane but you must pull yourself together after that and make yourself useful) Knows the meta Good in lane Good decision making **Knows how to play Lulu** (this is important because of assasins coming back into flavour and adc carrys too lulu will become very strong) Has good/decent champ pool **Can cooperate with Jungler** **Dont rage use criticism after game** **Jungle** **Has Communication** Knows what to do Can play variety of champions (so wont be banned out easily in tournaments and depending on the comp to) Knows the meta **Can cooperate with supp, top and mid** Has shot calling abilities ( so we atleast have 2 main voices or 1 depending on who is a better shot caller) Ward control Map awareness Good decision making ( i will take a jungler who has good decsion making, knows what to do, and has a good sense of the game over a great mechanic jungler) **Dont rage use criticism after game** **Support** **Communication** **Can cooperate with jungler** Knows what to do in lane and outside of lane Knows how to roam Good ward control and map awarness Good decision making **Dont rage use criticism after game** If you have made it this far thank you for reading this and considering to apply. Tryouts might be a long process so please bear with me if you tryout and are waiting a long time for a response. I am aiming to get this team finalized in about max a month so we can have time to practice and be really prepared before season 6. Once we make the team we will discuss practice times and such. If a alot of talent is shown at the tryouts I will consider making a academy team and if you perform well there and the person playing the role on the main team is not doing to hot we will give you a chance to make main team. If you plan to try out fill out this application and post below and if I'm interested in trying you out I will add you in game. **Note do not add me in game after you fill out application** Application: IGN: Age: Role: Champ pool: Reason for trying out: Rank at end of season 5: Previous team experience: What can you bring to the team: Pros (of you): Cons (of you): Do you rage?: Are you commited?: Time Zone: Extra Info: Thank you for applying and make sure to post below and have a great day.
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