Six Wolves New LoL Team

Good day to all whom read this post, first I would like to introduce a **new and coming team, the Six Wolves.** You may ask, is this a sponsored team? How many people are there currently? How often is practice? Before I go too deeply into answering, I would first like to highlight that **this is a new team**. There is just me, the mid laner, creating a **serious league of legends team.** The goal is to climb as high as we possibly can, over a period of time. There is no join half way and ditch because you didn't get what you want, over a petty argument, etc. **This team will focus on overcoming individual barriers, while shaping said individuals into team players, who are able to get past any issues that may arise in order to facilitate this team being the best that it can be.** A self introduction to the founding member, the only member at the moment, I am TL Deadly. Last season I finished Diamond, and hit diamond again this season. Since season 4 I have been going from team to team, seeking serious opportunities, meeting various people and joining organizations with the goal to find like minded players like myself, who are willing to improve and commit, and not let petty squabbles drag us all down. Unfortunately, success is a lonely road, and my climb ended up with just myself, carrying the dreams of all those who I left behind, or left me behind on this path. Now I will carry the weight of those before me, for those after me, to succeed. I give you an opportunity, to improve yourself, as a player and as a person. Pleased to make your acquaintance, fellow forum posters! Before I list any further, _**Six Wolves is a serious team. Toxicity, rage, BM is not allowed. There's no warnings**_, there's no toleration. If you are negative and cannot provide something to a constructive environment, you will not be allowed to step foot in my door. This is my home, and the home of those who join me. Respect it. If you're still interested in joining, found that this wall of text wasn't too much to read through, and have taken a liking to Six Wolves I ask you meet a certain number of requirements, such as --- _**Being Platinum in ranked, being of 16+ years of age, an English speaking native preferably on the west coast. This team will be PST oriented.**_ Why is platinum a requirement? Because it is a lot of work to create a player from someone who isn't up to par, there needs to be individual success and even motivation that must reflect your work ethic. Six Wolves is looking to practice primarily later on during the day, weekdays, multiple times a week. More on this once the roster starts to fill out. Current Positions Coach: Open Top: Open Jungle: Open Mid: Taken ADC: Open Support: Open In order to discuss possible recruitment further, I ask that you join my discord server and await the requirement in order to be given the role necessary for me to bring you into a lobby, and sort of, "interview" you for an open position that you would be applying for. This is because my requirements are more than what is typed here, in order to avoid clutter, as well as to get the most out of an application process, for your time and mine. Thank you - Deadly Discord Link: In case this isn't working or some unforeseen circumstances occur you are allowed to add me in order to DM my discord account. Please be mindful. Deadly >慅<#7407
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