Gold-Plat team for s7 in the making

Looking for serious players. I dont expect to win every single game i do expect people to communicate and try their best to win every game. I want to play with ppl wh actually have matered a champ or a few and dont switch champs every game. We might need to make adjustments in game so communication is key with that being said we will be using discord. I'm competitive I'm trying to win just about every game so expect the same from my teammates. I dont care I know the our team is going to beat most teams but I'm looking to the future if you dont even have a main champ dont even bother trying out. All roles must be able to carry from but be consistent more than anything and play your best champ(s) When its game time I expect everyones best. As well as be willing to put the team first just want to have a reliable 5 for scrims/ranked tounaments.. The goal for this team is to Rank up in flex possibly solo/duo aswell, Compete in online tournaments eventually, and grow and bond as a team. I want to start as early as possible while the games are easier so we can see exactly how good we are and how well we synergize. As far as for flex que and prob team I'm looking to make team fights as easy as possible so if you play champs based on team fighting its a huge plus not a necessity. I have a lot of fun I joke around ut I want to see the best out of the team and work on ways to improve. Everything not gonna cfome together in 5-10 games een if we wn all of them we really are going to have to work to get better and commuincate to make the right adjustments for the team. I understand tempers flaring in a competitve game but lets try to be constuctive working on that myself. So lets have some fun win some games and look forward to playing with you Age: Availability: Role main/secondary: Mic: Best Champ(s): strengths: Weaknesses: Aspirations:
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