Adrenaline Threat Recruitment Post- (Competitive Team-Serious players only)

Hello summoners, Im a Gold league Jungler that has been wanting to create a 5v5 team that stays together for quite a while now. I've had experience in the College ladder and have been part of various tournaments. Here is the list of requirements some being hard caps (for various reasons) Age must be 16+ (hard cap) Rank must be at least Silver (hard cap) Must be mature enough and dedicated enough to come to scheduled practices at least 3 times a week (HARD CAP) Must have voice comms (hard cap)- Pretty open to which we use and will be specified later With that being said we will need players of all postions. Please copy this form and fill out the specified areas IGN: Age: Role: Voice comms (which program you use): 3 best champions: Strengths: Weaknesses: Reasons why you want to join a 5v5 team: Please add me in game after posting: Coruptz aT See you on the Rift! {{champion:254}}
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