Plat Team LF Jungle or Mid Role to complete team.

We are in the process of recruiting to complete a team that has been playing together for over a month. We are all plat 5 and above last season looking for a member is at least gold 2 and above last season. We currently need to fill the Jungle or Mid role . We are looking for an individual who knows how to play the game as a team and enjoys winning as a team and grinding through the hard times. we play from 9pm central to 11pm central almost daily, but the amount we play can be negotiable. Please no ragers or complainers have enough of that on solo/duo que, and looking for long time member so please apply only if interested in sustaining a team long term. We just want to have a team to grow with and have fun playing and climbing the ranks. And eventually get into tournaments. If you are interested please leave your info below: IGN: Rank: Main Role: Top 3 champs: Strengths: Times available: Comments: Discord: Look forward to hearing from you all.
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