UNoRTHoDoX Gaming We are a community of Gamers from all over the world! We play all sorts of games, majority is League of course! ALL ages are welcome! :) We grow more and more everyday! Sitting at a whopping 200 members, we are looking to grow bigger and better everyday! We have League mentors and coaches Master tier and up! And plenty of people that love to group to play league! -Our main objectives are to make all our members feel welcomed and wanted in a well rounded loving community! -Full of gamers from all over the world, that play multiple games! -People can make friends, meet new people, and always have a really good time! -We are starting up our Community youtube and twitch account here soon! Alot of big surprises coming in the near future! Come join the fun and success with us! -We accept and play with all ages from all over the world! -We are family and friendly oriented with strict rules that dont tolerate things such as bullying, degrading our members, and harrassment. -We have a ranked system within our community so that members can climb within the community! So, its not as boring and you can always grow here! -We do give aways almost daily here(once a week guaranteed)! Lotteries, tournaments with winning prizes, Achievement rewards, competitions, as well as BIRTHDAY GIFTS! As far as a team goes, we are building one here soon. Accepting applications in a few weeks, Try-outs, scrims coming up really fast. Stay tuned you might see us one day! Come join us for a great time and wonderful community!
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