Squad Zero . Tournament and Ranked 5's Team Looking for Support Mid and Jungler .

We will use Teamspeak for now . Mostly due to many of the tournaments will be held on teamspeak . We ill Scrim more often than we would play Ranked 5's . This is going to be a Mostly Serious team . Lets have fun and just play to learn and get better for the long run . This is Long Term Team . But this team will not put up with bullshit meaning Toxic players negativity . Monda - Thursday . Friday - sunday one of these days will usually be a tourney . Either apply or add me : IGN : Solo Que Rank : Shotcalling experience ? 9pm - Midnight : Practice Time Central timezone : Primary Role : Secondary Role : You have to be committed if you are or if i dont find that u are committed then ill replace you just like that .
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