The Army of 5

Looking for other members in Bronze/Silver to join. Oh yeah, this is a Club/Ranked team. Add me in game and I'll invite you. How it works... You join the club and get access to everyone/everything. When you log on you got other members to choose from to play with or if you have found a good rotation of 5 you can all practice together using the club tag. More sub teams will fill by this method and soon we will be able to practice within the club to see who has the best team. The top team each week gets invited to the main Roster to represent The Army of 5 in competitive activities. ;) This will be run on a monthly basis with a mini-tournament during the last weekend of monthly play so that both the teams forming and the main roster have time to practice/compete. Let's play! Join today. IGN: Daner The Army of 5
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