LF Coach/Analysts and a Support for Team (semi-serious) 5v5

Hello my name is Hai. Im currently looking for a coach or any analysts and a support(plat support) for my plat team. We currently looking for coaches to help mold our team into tournament material. We currently have the full roster and the team practices 3-4 times a week to get better. Our org expects dedication from all our members including players. I would like you to coach the team if you are dedicated current they all eastern time zone We won't be paying for the job, but this may change over time.Feel free to add me if you would like to coach or be a analysts currently there isn't pay for this coach, So looking for coach for a platinum team! Thankyou visit our website for more info http://www.prodigygg.com/ Currently, I'm part of this organization to start the league team. This Job also requires teamspeak most of the players use this. Feel free to post the info down below or add me on league. COACH FORM IGN: Age: Rank: Have you done any type of coaching before? Availability; Why do you feel that you're a better coach then any other applicants?: Why do you want to be coaching this team?: ANALYST IGN: Age: Rank: Have you done any type of analyst work before? Availability; Why do you want to be an analyst for this team?: Why do you think you're a analyst compared to the others?: Will you be able to analyze up to 2 games in a night?: Do you watch every region or just a specific few?: How well do you follow the meta, patch notes, and item builds?:
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