The SeVeN WarLords - Dynamic 5s

**Yurp!** For some of us I know it's been quite difficult to rise up _solo/duo/triple/even quad_. This team is based on having great **communication**, **Individual**, as well as **Team** skills to provide within our team(~~5man Premade~~). It is mandatory that we all use a voice chat client to keep our synergy/shotcalling rhythm up to par. Ages only are going to be 18+ with many active league hours as we are serious to climb the ladder and become one. I will start the listing of what **_The SeVeN WarLords_** need, as in position and the description of what we would like to have for that certain role. (**ADC** has already been occupied by _Bunny D Blaze_ ) **~~Top Lane)~~** I prefer to have a top laner that specializes in tanking although their will be times when we would want our top to be a bruiser at some point as well. Just to make sure they have fun carrying us with their versatility. Cannot be scared to dive early game and will commit through the whole TeamFight respectively. **~~Mid Lane)~~** I prefer to have a mid laner that prioritizes roaming, versatile you must be with mages and assassins. **~~Jungle)~~** I prefer to have a jungler that has great map awareness, frequently using wards, as well as ganking when needed. Cannot be afraid to dive early game and will commit through the whole TeamFight respectively. **~~Support)~~** I prefer to have a support that prioritizes our warding situations although I will also be helping out with that. During TeamFights, Peel/Heal ADC priority unless engaging. This team, The SeVeN WarLords, is a trial based crew to find whomever are worthy enough to join us in Admiral 7. Don't be surprised! People will get kicked and recruited until our team is set final with the best that came to us. Help Us, Help You! Post or Add me ingame to further our acquaintance. -Capt. Of The Black Moon
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